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quarta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2012


REEEP 9th Call for Proposals

REEEP is pleased to announce its 9th programme cycle to support up to 30 projects that—through a range of interventions—will accelerate the deployment of renewable energy and/or energy efficiency technologies. This project call is made possible by the contributions of the Governments of Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

REEEP 9th Call in Overview

Key facts
  • Will support approximately 30 projects with €4.1 million in total REEEP funds
  • The maximum level of REEEP funding available per project is €150,000; co-funding is strongly encouraged
  • Five thematic topics: scaling up successful business models; supporting off-grid generation; harnessing clean energy in food production; employing clean energy in providing a reliable water supply; opening up energy data in emerging markets
  • More specific topics have also been defined by region – see the Call for Proposalsdocument below
  • Primary priority countries: Brazil, Colombia, China, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Peru, South Africa and Vietnam – secondary priority countries also considered; see full list in the Call for Proposals document
  • Online application process via Project Management Information System (PMIS)
Key dates
  • Initial proposals for new projects due by 21st September 2012 (deadline now passed)
  • Shortlist inviting full proposals will  be published on 11 October 2012
  • Final, full proposals due by 9th November 2012
  • Proposals for replication and scale-up of earlier projects as well as proposals from governments, regulators and development financial institutions follow a one-stage process, with full proposals due by 9th November 2012

The 9th call is made possible by contributions by the Governments of Norway and the United Kingdom, as well as support from Switzerland, a new REEEP donor.
The application process itself begins on  We strongly advise reading the following attached documents before starting:
  • the Call for Proposals, which gives an overview of all aspects of the call in one handy pdf document
  • the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document with the most common technical and application-related queries
  • REEEP Strategy 2012-2015, which gives an overview of where the Partnership is heading over the next several years

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